Commercial Roof Repair in Thousand Oaks, CA

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Do you possess reservations about the future serviceability of your commercial roofing? LA Roof Systems Corporation represents a comprehensive, dependable commercial roofing company. Whether you want maintenance, installation, or the complete replacement of a roof, our expansive expertise ensures excellent work. Because we comprehend the worth of commercial roofing systems, we work hard to provide superior service.

As a dedicated commercial roofing company in Thousand Oaks, CA, we provide all the services you necessitate to preserve your roofing. We support a continually high standard of work, whether you need a couple minor repairs, or the complete replacement of your roof. As a commercial roofing company in Thousand Oaks, CA, we look forward to your upcoming project. To learn more, or to set up an occasion for work, call our team right away at 562-390-9729.

Commercial Metal and Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

We want to serve as many customers as we conceivably can, so we offer a large selection of work. When we install metal roofing, we render exemplary work, since we wish for our customers to receive the total value of their expenditure. We furthermore work as your nearby provider for flat roofing work. As for flat roofing replacements, we render top-flight work over every stage of this procedure.

  • Commercial Metal Roofing If you desire a superbly strong and resilient roof option, choose metal.
  • Flat Roof Repair If you experience any repair needs or problems with your flat roofing, we’re the roofers to contact.
  • Commercial Standing Seam Roof Our team is ready and able to repair, replace, or install a standing seam metal roof for your commercial structure.
  • Commercial Roof Repair Any commercial roofing system services you need can be professionally taken care of by our technicians.

Roof Coating Restoration Specialists

Our roof coatings provide the proprietors of commercial facilities an invaluable tool for the maintenance of their roofs. Flat roofs are prone to a standard set of problems, most of which are addressed following the application of a flat roof coat. The same applies to the application of coatings on metal, rubber, and industrial roofing systems. We rely on excellent products and proven techniques for our roof coats, so you should rest assured in regards to phenomenal work.

  • Flat Roof Coatings A flat roof coating can address common issues and ensure the protection of your roof.
  • Metal Roof Coatings A metal roof coat provides resistance to rust and renews the natural reflectivity of the metal.

Single Ply TPO Roof Repair vs. Flat Roof Restoration

Single ply roofing systems have become particularly prevalent across the last decade. When the day appears for replacement of your flat roof membrane or TPO roof repair, schedule an inspection from our team before you make any commitments. Often enough, products such as TPO will make a roof an excellent candidate for restoration. Our flat roofing restoration process depends on the use of a high-quality roof coating. Certain types of roofs, including TPO, for example, require specialized coatings to adhere to their surface. Without a doubt, we will help you select the most beneficial coat for your needs.

  • TPO Membranes A TPO membrane is an economical solution for the roofing of a commercial facility.
  • Single Ply Roof Installation Single ply roof installation is a great option for your commerical building.
  • PVC Membranes Though more costly than other roofing systems, PVC offers exceptional defense.

Elastomeric, Silicone, & Acrylic

Roof restoration supplies a valuable alternative to an expensive, time-consuming roof replacement. A complete restoration can extend the service of your present roof by a decade or more, and costs merely a fraction of replacement. Any commercial roofing system can benefit from a coating, as we service a selection big enough to take care of anybody’s needs. To get in touch with the premier commercial roofing company in Thousand Oaks, CA, give us a ring now at 562-390-9729.

  • Silicone Coating Silicone applies seamlessly, create no hazardous chemicals, and supplies unmatched protection against water.
  • Acrylic Coating An acrylic coating will prevent the collection of dust and debris, and is available in a selection of colors.
  • Elastomeric Coating An elastomeric coat is an economical choice for application on large facilities.